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these are the people that i write about, and i see in real life, as well as on the computer. i'll probably just add to this as i go along, and write about them in my journal. by reading that, i'm sure you can conclude this right now isn't a complete listing - i don't think it will ever be. this list was last updated on december 7, 02000.

or, leonard13m. or, leonard16m. whatever, i met him at school, then i stalked him online, and now we talk, in school and not.

i met aura-chan, through viku online, and i don't really know her TOO well. bleh.

i met her... some time. i guess... early 2000? well, i knew her before, but she became my friend then. SHE IS A VERY KOOOL CHICK, I THINK SO WHOLE-WUCKEDLY

brian is my dad, and i refer to him as dad. he's the more easy-going parent, and he seems much easier to get along with. infact, i always get along with him, if it's not for my mom saying stuff to him to make him mad at me.

duck (the)
i met her through kuu, sometime. yeah. kuu told me that everybody hates her, and i'd see why everybody hates her, but i don't get why everybody hates her. or even, dislikes.

i knew her in elementary, but actually met her in grade 8, sometime. once i fell in love with her, and i sort of screwed things up.

he's a pedophile, who's horny. but he's also a guy who does stuff. it depends, normally he doesn't talk to me, so i can't tell.

i've known hez longer then i can remember, SERIOUSLY O_O since... early elementary. i... can't say anything about her really, there's so much i could go on about o.o; she bit off a barbie's foot, and always made me play with that one!

he first appeared in my school in grade 7, and up to now still is. he doesn't like me, and i don't mind him. hahaha... why's he on this page?

most people know her as q-chan, and i met her about... two years ago but she left me, and the rest of her online friends, but we were pretty close, and i love her aloot ^__^

i met kat... about two years ago? she lives in saskatchewan, and she's my internet friend i see most in real life. she is very kooool, and likes pouring things ot of hotel windows ^_^

we met in english in grade 10, but very soon she'll move to another school and i'll lose contact with her. that's... about it.

only i can call her kuu, you can call her onoe, or kyuu-ko, or.. something else, not kuu. and, i love her alot too. you should know her if you know me, even though you may ask "who's kuu?"

i entered an html contest with him in grade 9, and only october in grade 10 does radish start wanting to talk to him, so we kall him and now we... talk to him alot and he's very koool! and it's all thanks to radish, so she's extra koool!

i met her in grade 8. she shares many of the same koool qualities with me, which is why we can so much stay up late on the computer being idiots together.

he works at taco bell, and enjoys wearing airplane pjs. atleast, me and kuu say so. he's really a guy, who does stuff, but not with me. he does it with kuu.

he always had a way of talking to other people, but that never made him bad. we just... don't talk much anymore.

i met smily, in the chat room, like everybody online, about two years ago ^^() she draws aloot for me toods ^_^ the picture i drew for her was stolen :(

stephanie is my younger niece, and right now she's about 10 months old. i havn't really seen her much.. but she's adorable *_*

i met her... i guess somewhere in grade 8 or.. something like that. she is very cute, but i really don't know her that much ; _ ;

i met viku in a chat room, about two year ago i guess. she is very sweet, and has gorgeous hair. she also sings goodly ^_^